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Can you please help, I need to make cookies for church bbq; but it's warm and humid.

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Can anyone help me please, I am going to be doing as many kinds of cookies as possible for neighbourhood barbecue planned for next Sunday after church; but it's been hot and humid here, which doesn't help when trying to bake?
I have a few no bake varieties picked out; but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :confused:
Thank you in advance.

Anne Johnstone.
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I'd go with varieties that people don't expect to be crisp, such as oatmeal-raisin, brownies/blondies, maybe even shortbreads. The more I think about it, just about any cookies that are okay chewy would work. No meringue kisses, no tuiles, nothing chocolate-dipped, of course, but many others should be fine. You can always tell people it's a new gourmet recipe ;)
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