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Can't Decide

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Professional Chef - hopelessly deadlocked - going out of the country on a 3 month gig - tipped my favorite knife and must replace it by Wednesday - the Gesshin I want is out of stock so here is what I'm thinking:

Kohetsu Western HAP40 240mm Gyuto

Mac Mighty 240mm Gyuto

Misano Moly 240mm Gyuto

JCK Original Kagayaki 240mm Gyuto

Yoshihiro AUS 10 240mm Gyuto

I'm purposely leaving out what my "favorite" knife was so as not to color every ones opinion - also - it should be hard to figure out what it may be by my choices above.  

Thanks in advance for your help.  It's 22:00 here in Detroit and I'm going to have a beer.  I'm hoping to come hope before midnight to a several opinions and suggestions - even those outside of what I've listed. :) 
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I'd go with the Kohetsu in HAP40. You can get western, or wa (cheaper) and being in Detroit (my home town) if ordered from CKTG you ought to have it before the middle of next week. and respectively. I have heard nothing but praise for this steel.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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