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I am hoping you can give me a bit of career advice.
Here's my story. I started in catering in my late twenties. I've been doing it for a few years but have had mental health problems for years. These do appear to be in the past which is great. Although they have had an impact. I have mainly worked as a chef on a temp basis. I have had a few permanent jobs but not stayed there long because of the past health issues. This of course means my skills aren't quite where I would like them to be. This isn't a massive problem though as I don't need a lot of money as I have no wife no kids and I am single.
Now that I am better I would really like to do fine dining. Like I said I don't need loads of money so I can start as a commis chef if need be. But there are a few things that concern me. I work very hard but sometimes it can take me a bit longer than some to get things. I am wondering if I should work somewhere for a year then go for it or just go for it now. Obviously I don't know what will happen in the future it moght not be possible to do it in a year or so. So should I go for it now? Just tell the chef what level I'm at and let them decide or should I wait a bit?
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