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Are you looking for new or used?

Can you test drive (or in this case pull lol) IT?

This will give you the chance to look it over more closely...

Roll everything up and down the ramp.

Scrape a bit of paint off from the bottom and check for rust (easy peasy for the seller to just grind it down and make pretty again with a new coat of paint).

Pop the wheels off and check for signs of wear as well as the amt of grease present (is it old?) .

What is the deck made of?

If it is used and made from wood ask if it was ever used to transport animals.

If so just pass it by.

You can never be sure how sanitary it is without replacing it.


This now makes 3 small but growing businesses I have heard of in as many days.

Things are looking up!

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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