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Hello Everyone,

I will be catering my first wedding (other than my own) in August for 100 guests.  I co-own a casual dining style restaurant, but we do not do much offsite catering, and the wedding menu will be completely off my restaurant's menu.  The couple are friends of mine and when they originally asked me, it was very informal.  They wanted a small wedding, and pretty much only required drop off service at their home and finger food for a cocktail hour at the church.  They have changed plans and have since rented an event hall.  The hall has an incredibly small kitchen, standard size refrigerator and no stove/oven.  I will also need to rent banquet tables for all food, as the hall only has guest tables.  I will be hiring waitstaff from a local company, I'm thinking I will hire about 4 waiters, and I will have my staff of 3, making it a total of 7 people.  The meal will be served buffet style, with one light refreshment station.  I will be setting up the guest tables also as this is an event hall and they don't specialize in weddings, and the couple does not have a wedding planner. 

As far as the menu, the one station will include cheese/crackers, fruit display, bruschetta, cocktail empanadas and cocktail burger sliders.  She is getting a wedding cake from another vendor but I will also be setting up a venetian dessert table.  The buffet will consist of buttermilk biscuits, dinner rolls, garden salad, spinach & strawberry salad, baked chicken, meatballs, lobster macaroni & cheese, yellow rice & vegetarian lasagna.

I will be renting plate chargers, linen and glasses for the guest tables.  I will be purchasing elegant disposables (china-like plastic plates and silver-like plastic flatware) as she is trying to keep some costs down.  I am not responsible for the bar, as she hired an outside bartender.  So my question is can anyone give me some assistance as far as how much food to make for the buffet, and suggestions on pricing if possible.  Also, suggestions on execution are greatly appreciated as well, in light of the limitations of the venue, and the fact that we only have 2 hours for setup.

Thank you in advance!
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