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Catering for 500 without a sink

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I am catering a big wedding this weekend on an acreage that has cold culinary water but no sink.  I have always had a sink on site and hot running water for hand sanitation.  I'm planning on boiling water in a couple of thermos' to be able to sanitize hands.  Any tips on how to set up a sanitation station that will work?  

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Here we're required to both potable cold water and hot.

We can rent these self contained portable sinks from the same rental company that rents tables, chairs, heaters, ETC.

 They come with their own potable water tanks.

Might want to check it out. 

The Sani-Sink is one of our more exclusive and versatile hand washing stations which can be used for a variety of applications. This portable hand washing station is fully self-contained and can provide users with both hot and cold drinkable Read More »

This is what I was referring to. Most all our rental companies have them. Has instant heated water.

Just sayin
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