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Catering for 500 without a sink

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I am catering a big wedding this weekend on an acreage that has cold culinary water but no sink.  I have always had a sink on site and hot running water for hand sanitation.  I'm planning on boiling water in a couple of thermos' to be able to sanitize hands.  Any tips on how to set up a sanitation station that will work?  

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I do bbq events where we feed the public and water is definitely a challenge. Most of them just give you a hose for water. You need a 3 stage sink (big plastic tubs). Then follow the servsafe 3 sink setup.

Sink 1 - dish soap 110F minimum
Sink 2 - water for rinsing
Sink 3 - Sanitize. 171 to 180F water OR chemical. I use 1% bleach. That temperature range is impossible to maintain any amount of time outdoors, go with bleach or quat or whatever chemical sanitizer

Even for sink 1 you'll have to boil water periodically on a stove.

PS charge extra for this extra work! All I'm doing is cooking meat and putting it an aluminum container. With fancy plating, water will definitely be a problem.

I've cooked with teams that have an RV with their own hot water heater it is definitely easier.
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Heh I didn't read.  For hand sanitizing only,  you don't need as much stuff.
At your own risk. Sanitizing is not a replacement for handwashing is what a health inspector would say.
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