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I don't think many elders are complaining at upscale senior living facilities. The more you pay the better the food. That being said everything in this world falls into in with "how much are you willing to pay" for what you get. I chefed in a Hospital for two years and had a lot of fun doing so. I learned a lot about diet and healthy food prep. I tried my best to make all the meals as tasty as possible so as to make the hospital stay better for the patients. In taking this a step further with catering to seniors, the problem I see is their changing tastes as they get older. My father-in-law loved when we made Nachos and brought them over to him. The reason he loved them was because they were full of flavor. The nachos kind of kick started and blew the mind of his taste buds. Now take a chix breast with a bit of seasoning a side of starch and veggie and try to get the same result. Good food ain't cheep and cheep food ain't good. It takes a lot of knowledge to cook a lot of varieties of food items to taste real good. If you take salt and fat out of food you need to replace it with other bold satisfying flavors. When I make a braised arm roast and send a plate over to a 90 YO lady down the street she brags about it for days. The meat is tender, the gravy is full of flavor, whats not to like.The meal is easy to eat and gives her what she doesn't get from meal on wheels (FLAVOR). I think you have a wonderful caring approach to wanting to help make someones day better. I think it's also real hard to accomplish. You maybe better served my opening a "Home cooked meal" business that would cater to everyone. You could offer entrees that would cater to families and seniors to be picked up by family members. You can also offer restaurant style salads. I feel many people eat out because it's easier. The family meal doesn't happen like it did in years past. You could offer meals like homemade meat loaf, mashed potatoes gravy and veggie, rolls butter and dessert for families. You may not want to totally concern yourself with senior diets and maybe look at giving them flavor and correct portion sizes. All this being said, if you are thinking of offering a meal delivery service there's to much cost involved. It would be almost impossible to offer this kind of service without being subsidized.......Good luck........ChefBill.........P.S. When it comes to diets and the elderly they have two things going against them. When people are making their food more bland their taste buds are less than they use to be. If a person wants to help make their lives better, then think of enhancing the flavor even more than what it was from their younger years.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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