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Like the earlier posts I want to be supportive. It is important for you, however, to do some market research. There are a number (lots, actually) of business like the one you are considering, but are focused on elderly/infirmed who are living at home rather than in a care facility.. at least in my major metropolitan area. Most differ from Meals on Wheels in that they are not subsidized or charities, but intend to be profitable businesses. Those seem to cater to the "high end" private clients and are either priced very high or are, surprisingly, moderately priced. Some are even quite distant and do business via the post by shipping frozen product.

Here's a view from the consumer side, which I have recent experience. We use such services for an elderly family member. Here are some of the issues we deal "with Mom": Adherence to a diversity of diets is crucial yet the meals need to skillfully disguise that fact. Low salt food somehow needs to not taste like bland tasteless no-salt "hospital" food. The service needs to have a large variety or it "gets old" fast. Reheating instructions need to be clear and correct (little things like adjusting microwave strength vs heating time seems to be a challenge for both the elderly and caregivers). The service needs to be reliable... as in ABSOLUTELY RELIABLE

And the last thought I have to share goes back to menu.  As weird as this seems, we run into problems every week with menus that are too "modern" or too "ethnic" or too "restaurant-y" or "not like I once cooked. Specifically we have issues with getting Mom to ingest roughage. She refuses to eat "hard, uncooked vegetables".  No amount of discussion of the difference between al dente and overcooked seems to resolve this. She wants them to be boiled until soft, and as close to canned-like as possible. GOOD LUCK!

Other issues that tend to be a challenge on "the other side" - contract vs no-contract services. Shipping/delivery charges.  Adaptability to menu choices after ordering but prior to shipping/delivery (sometimes a menu is selected but the next day Mom changes her mind and decides that she's been eating too much pasta and wants meatloaf).

If you can find the formula for success I'm quite sure that there are folks with the need. Whatever you do, make contact with the local hospitals or elder care agencies and get listed on their meal service referral lists.
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