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I can't offer the same knowledgeable wisdom as the others. But you mentioned partnering with an existing kitchen like a church. In my area, many churches and other organizations like the Knights of Columbus and others have commercial kitchens and put on dinners, be it spaghetti, BBQ, meatloaf, or what have you; usually one day a week or month. When I attend them, I notice many of the attendees take the food to go, either to eat at home or bring to someone.

     So it occurred to me that you could use the kitchen to prepare the meals but the families and volunteers would take care of the delivery.

You could give the nursing homes and resident facilities notice of what you are doing and of course, word of mouth would spread quickly. So as you mentioned, you pay the the church or organization rent for the space, they handle the code requirements and licensing and delivery takes care of itself. As a rural community, families would come to rely on knowing when you will be open and can plan accordingly. I'm sure there must be numerous groups you could get involved for the volunteer delivery part.  

Some nights could be delivery only, other nights you could have the in-house seating areas open. 
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