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Hi there

I am selling some limos to a client who is putting together a limo company in Vegas 

We are in planning stages now

Want to hire some basic staff and entertainers and models and show off the new limos 

As far as venue goes we are not sure if we should do it through a hotel or have our own spot with mobile kitchen or at a park or other property on the Vegas strip

We have 3 investors but don't want a huge budget 

Is $25,000 too much for catering favorite meals and drinks or $50,000 ?

This will be for a weekend 

I would say American, Italian, Asian, and latin foods and desserts

We want to maybe hire a few chefs and maybe look for catertainers who could be drivers

We will start late morning till it starts getting dark

We want to give them a grab bag of free stuff


Do a rotation service where we have the servers as models/entertainers/sponsors

Does anyone know the quantities and pricing for that many people?

I have a cousin who runs a restaurant that charges $40 for 300 people

We want to give the patrons red carpet service too and media coverage

We will have photo shoots and interviews and live music and security

Their second business proposal might be food catering out there too with a few customized catering vans or trucks

I would like to know how much at least food would be needed for say at least 2 servings each going for 8-9 hours before break down while being economical

Also Vegas has over 3 million residents and 35 million tourists per year that come to the strip that spend an average $550 per trip

Is a figure of say 5000 obs per year unrealistic and should we have these workers 1099?

Party will be 6-9 months from now at least


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