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Catering without the permits

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Found this article yesterday. It reinforces the advice the pros on cheftalk give to home caterers.
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According to the article, lady was warned, then given an option of a plea. She refused. Was shevreallybthinking of her 6kids?
Waay back when, when we had our catering biz, I called the health boys on my competition. Guy was under bidding me by more than 50%.

Health boys "determined" he was operating out of his garage with no running water, poor lighting, and no refrigeration. Basically opened up a picnic cooler and found green burgers.

If you've never experienced food poisoning, then you are lucky.

The big line in the sand is selling food items. On one side of the line you've got licensed, inspected kitchens, with usually 3million insurance coverage. On the othervsidevof the line, you have home cooks with pets and kids in diapers running around, no inspections, and no insurance coverage.

A functioning set of kidneys are priceless, a damaged set will cost you money and grief for the rest of your life.

Its not something to be taken lightly.....
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Wonder if that idea of " you cant get anything out of me if I dont have anything" is still valid when mom of six wants to take a shower and wash her hair in the Woman's Correctional Facility?

She shoulda taken the plea......
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