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Here's the skinny:

10 days, 3 meals a day buffet style, no live stations,  60pax of central Asian (Indian, Arabic, Filipino, Nepal, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan)  young adults/teens (16-20yr olds)

Piece of cake I thought...


10 dollars per pax per day food cost budget...

So, with this in mind I'm thinking:

Lunch and Dinner:



Salad bar and heavy salads potato, coleslaw, pasta etc

heavy starch dishes, fried rice, biryani, kebsa, potato daphonoise, croquettes, lasagne, pastas etc (maybe pizza?)

No pork, no beef, stick to mutton (cheap here) and chicken, stews, fricassee, cacciatore's   maybe one day of the local trout...


cereal, starch, eggs, and cold cuts?

Any additional suggestions?

Thanks guys, just need brainstorming...
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