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Hey guys, need your advice.
Planning a new house build and one of the most important rooms is the kitchen :)
We do a lot of cooking and entertaining (generally fine-dining style, wide range of foods/cuisines, multiple plated courses, 20-30 guests at a time).

Planned kitchen area is currently 7m long x 4.4m wide, but we can adjust this to whatever. See attached concept (ignore the colors).

Planning on a commercial style cookline with:
1. Induction cooktop 900mm
2. Char grill, preferably lava rock, around 600-800mm wide – thinking something like a Baron 700 series or Mareno
3. Electric griddle, around 400mm wide, preferably same brand as char grill
4. Double deep-fryer (2x 5L). Was originally thinking a built-in freestanding unit, but no cheap and less flexible, so just tending towards a benchtop unit would be best.
5. Rational XS combi ovens (we'll be using the one from our current house, but will likely add another - absolutely love it)

All of the above, except the combis, will be in a cookline under a 5.7m rangehood canopy, 1200mm deep. Hoping to zone the canopy with multiple in-roof exhaust fans so I can turn on what sections I need and keep noise down.

Thinking a bullet proof benchtop like Dekton for the cookline and island bench, and granite for the breakfast bar.

Question for you (finally!) - I'm a bit scared about the char grill, having never used one inside, so not sure what to expect. Will we regret the smell, smoke, mess?

Any other comments or recommendations on above, or on the layout/flow of the kitchen?

Much appreciated!


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I'm from Australia. I'm still looking into it, but it appears the code restrictions aren't onerous.

@sgsvirgil that's exactly the sort of info I'm after - if it's going to stink out the house and is a beggar to keep clean, I think you're right: I'd be best off having an outdoor setup just off the main kitchen somehow. I suppose what i'm trying to achieve is the ability to easily grill something quickly without having to transport stuff outside, and without the discomfort of weather conditions. However, the much high need for cleaning and the smell will likely far outweigh the convenience of having the grill inside...

What about deep-fryers - have you had them inside? Do they stink out the place even if you have a decent extraction system? I've only ever used them outside.
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