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Chef Formal?

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I hate chef formal dress. This is where chefs wear a chefcoat over a shirt and tie. Compare this to a regular suit and tie and chef formal looks downright ratty. The chefcoat always wrinkles, especially in the back, the sleeves are never the right length, the collar never sits right, and the buttons are never really nice and tight.

I say junk this method of dressing and adopt something more respectable.

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Ugh! Sounds like a fashion disaster to me. Is this done when a chef is teaching? Attending some kind of function where it is imperative that he (tie reference) be known as a chef? I think it's ridiculous that a chef would be denied simply wearing a suit and tie for a formal occasion. I've never seen anyone dressed this way but it sounds like it would even look ridiculous.

In a formal setting where a chef would not be handling food - like a lecture - it should be perfectly acceptable for a chef to wear:

* A sparkling clean (never used) well fitted chef coat - reserved for this purpose. I mean one that might cost a fortune - French knots, the whole nine yards. It could be white or black.

* Sparkling clean chef pants - I'd favor black or chalk stripe.

* Sparkling clean, better-quality chef clogs (like those that are available from Chefwear or at uniform shops).

* A mile high tocque.

For crying out loud, which genius thought a shirt and tie looked good under a chef coat? Do they make doctors wear a shirt and tie under scrubs for a formal occasion? Or to teach? Sheesh.
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