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Chef Formal?

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I hate chef formal dress. This is where chefs wear a chefcoat over a shirt and tie. Compare this to a regular suit and tie and chef formal looks downright ratty. The chefcoat always wrinkles, especially in the back, the sleeves are never the right length, the collar never sits right, and the buttons are never really nice and tight.

I say junk this method of dressing and adopt something more respectable.

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What's the ocassion? When I lecture in class, I wear a 'golf' shirt (2-button, pullover). When there is a formal or semi-formal work-realted event, I wear a shirt and tie like everybody else. I have seen a one or 2 guys sporting the tie 'n chef coat, but it never quite looked right.
I think for chef dinners, etc. a jacket and tie is suitable. Really, when any other uniformed professional has an event, they would generally attend in formal attire. CC, I also understand that elevating the rank to being recognized as professional is extremely important. I am just not sure if it is a 'formal enough' look. Like, when a member of the military would attend a wedding or funeral, their formal attire is recognized and appropriate. I consider other artisans professionals (wood workers, for instance) but the general expectation is they attend a formal affair in jacket & tie. Is the same true for a chef? I am not disagreeing with you, just asking.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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