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I LOVE a good "Chicken Fry" steak... but

Has anyone had any experience with those Jaccard 48 pin hand meat tenderizers? They cost about $35 or so and have excellent "testimonials" on the net.. but I never really trust those.

Here in Seattle where I shop, I can often times get round steak on sale for about $1.99 per lb,, but the market sells their "cube steak" (which I figure is probably a round steak run though one of their tenderizing machines) for $3.69 or so.

On rare occasion I've been able to talk them into running the round steak through their machines but usually they are too busy (I know, I should change markets :)... So my thinking is, IF that Jaccard tenderizer really worked, I could buy the round and do it myself.. would take a bit of elbow power but I don't mind that. Pounding it, even with one of those spiked hammers doesn't really do the trick. I've tried the edge of a saucer, etc.. but anyway, on the surface it looks like those little sharp needle things penetrating the meat would break it down rather well..

Would I be wasting my money?
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