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Hiiiiii. New to this so please excuse me while I learn the ins and outs of this forum world. I'm searching for a recipe for a kick ass Chinese BBQ Sauce for an uncle of mine whom is quite the pain in my ass. If anyone has a great recipe and doesn't mind sharing, I'm open to any and all versions of Chinese BBQ Sauce. Thanx in advance!!!!
There are as many Chinese versions of BBQ sauces as there are American versions- or-maybe even more. Char siu is a Cantonese version often used on pork belly or pork. Lee Kum Kee makes a good one in jar. This is the typical "red" BBQ seen hanging up.

Combining hoisin sauce, tamarind sauce, oyster sauce, soy, seasoned rice wine vinegar, garlic, with a bit of mince ginger all to taste makes a good BBQ sauce. Add fermented black bean paste, chilies, chilies oil for heat and flavor. Add Black soy (contains molasses) for sweetness and richness. Add a bit of mushroom soy to add more umami flavor.
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