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In my opinion, the more chocolate you put into it, the less of a cheese cake it becomes.

It's better when there is a balance or even some contrast for the chocolate to play against and display the qualities of the chocolate but still be cheesecake.

I prefer a marbled chocolate cheesecake. Keep the chocolate part dark and not too sweet so it contrasts against the plain cheesecake. Probably with an Oreo or similar crust. Remove the middle cream. Some people user that to bind the crust, but it will be too sweet I think.

I wouldn't top it though many would disagree with me. The common chocolate toppings tend to conflict with it being cheesecake and you lose the marble visual. Maybe some shaved chocolate curls. Or Trader Joe's has cocoa nibs in dark chocolate that could be interesting but there isa texture problem with that.

Others will be along shortly to disagree with me and give you a different perspective.

One of my favorite cheesecake chocolate combinations is actually the Black Bottom cupcakes in the Joy of Cooking.
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