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Chocolate Journey to Ghyslain

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As many of you know, I used to work for a chocolate shop, for an award-winning chocolatier who used no preservatives and was always trying new things from her travels, etc.

I like to think I know what good chocolate tastes like.

And I get excited about chocolate!

So this past weekend, my husband read about a place on the border of Indiana and Ohio so we drove there. They sell chocolates out of the front of this little farmhouse (where the chocolate is always made)- the place is called Ghyslain Chocolaterie (spelling is wrong I'm sure).


I acknowledge I have only had a deep interest in fine chocolates for a short time, and am very far from having tried or tasted everything.

But it was the best I've had. There is something about a local place that sells mainly locally (they also sell their products in Dorothy Lane Markets in Dayton), where everything is made by hand and fresh.

Many of the pieces are 'painted' by tinted cocoa butter and are absolutely beautiful.

The most interesting piece was a dark chocolate medallion with pistachio, fig, and mandarin orange.

My favorite piece was a coffee-bean shaped chocolate with cinnamon and cappucino flavored ganache. I could eat a thousand of those without getting tired.

Each chocolate was $1, which I thought seemed low for the quality. They could easily charge more.

Just sharing my joy!


I love food road trips.

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I can not resist the words pistachio and chocolate, I have to know more about this candy. Was it like a meandiant Shimmer?

P.S. And you spelled it right ;)
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