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I've done a roasted peanut infused custard with a light chocolate cream that glazed the top so that I wouldn't have to brulee it. Then I garnished it with caramelized popcorn so that it would have a crunchy component. I made it for a Father's Day menu that was inspired by ballpark treats. I called this one "Peanuts and Cracker Jack." The customers loved it. I loved the caramelized popcorn.

You can make a peanut parfait. Parfait in the French style, not the layered American treat. You can lay a round of chocolate cake on the bottom of a ring mold before you pipe the parfait in it and serve it with a few squiggles of cocoa syrup. Good to garnish with cocoa nib lace. You can adapt any hazelnut parfait recipe to fit ground peanuts.

Nothing unfancy about caramelizing whole peanuts and then thinly coating with tempered chocolate and then rolling in cocoa powder. I don't remember what these (usually made with whole almonds) are called.

I think you should make a classic Opera cake substituting peanut butter buttercream for the regular butter cream and then feeding a slice to your instructor without letting on and see his reaction. Kind of snobbish of him to reject the use of peanuts just because he has associated a truckstop image to it.

You could probably also make a ganache with roasted peanut infused cream. Enrobe in tempered choclate and then roll in chopped roasted peanuts or simply lay a roasted peanut on top of the chocolate. I'll bet your classmates will polish it all off.
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