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Choosing a Commercial Range

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I am writing a piece on commercial ranges both for restaurant use, and for home use.

What subjects are important to have in this article?

Anything goes here, simply what is important to you on this subject?
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Just want to add

1. Residential can go in Commercial. 2. Commercial usually can't go in Residential

1. This will usually result in premature death. Sometime needs and energy adaptation.

2. Usually will need a different energy source. Gas and Electric. Major heat concern, they emit a lot of heat . They are not insulated like ...residential.

 6-7 K for the Southbend, 2K hood, 2K fire suppression, 2k installation w/plumbing.

I'm in Texas, in my jurisdiction if there is a requirement for fire suppression system, commercial or residential, they will require inspection and rotation + on site documentation of grease cleaning.

Now with the approved Home Cottage Kitchens a 3/4" tap is considered a commercial need. A commercial tap usually requires separate ins. coverage for receiving area. This also needs to be disclosed to homeowners ins. provider which usually results in doubled + rates. If not disclosed, recent rulings for fire usually releases any liability on the homeowners insurance. Of course you can elect to have an event investigated, but those cost usually exceed ones losses.

  No electric gizmos, that means pilot lights. Wasted energy. Produces unusable heat. Ovens will be 180+ while dormant. I know this because we use them to melt chocolate. One or two pilots up top will elevate room temp a few degrees constantly. Pretty sure the vent will require two motors. One for make up air if there is a suppression installed. Southbend, no insulation at all, gaskets are usually far less efficient because they usually endure abuse and are changed frequently.

  I'm also pretty sure the 3'4 tap will require a commercial permit which means the contractor will sub out the tap to a commercial plumber who will require running his own line for permit inspection.

Just sayin 
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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