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This will be the first Christmas that my husband and I stay put, and don't fly the 2000+ miles to juggle our families.

Christmas Eve is his birthday, so it will be whatever he wants to eat, including a devils food mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. It's kind of weird to me, to make Christmas Eve a birthday holiday rather than a Christmas holiday, but birthdays are important too.

So since I can't say what WE have always done, I'll say what my family always did.

There's the Christmas Chowder (recipe posted in Recipe exchange). My Dad would disappear Christmas Eve morning (to do his Christmas shopping, what a procrastinator) and bring home a bunch of unshelled nuts and we'd all sit around with the nutcracker, while listening to the Christmas RECORDS they've had forever.

My Mom, in the past few years, has gotten tired of traditional food, so once she disappeared and came home with fresh crab legs (nobody was complaining!!) and once she made her wonderful lasagna.

Christmas morning was always the same- orange juice and my Grandma's homemade cinnamon rolls.

For now, it's time to create my own traditions! THat's why I love reading all of yours so much....

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