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We haven't varied much since the AF moved us about the world. We always have a sirloin tip done on the weber kettle, mashed tatoes, gravy, homemade rolls, a veggie(there is latitude there), and a salad of some sort. Being a good Lutheran(ahem) we usually have some type of jello, whether with exotic additions of sherbet and whipped cream, or just straight. Although my boys objected to the year that my mother decided to make lemon jello with grated carrots, celery and green peppers(I kid you not). It was not pleasant. However, we always have rice pudding, but I'm passing on the lutefish. I just hope my mom brings the lefse from my aunt....mmmm with butter and sugar it can't be beat! I tried changing the menu a couple years back and got such flack that we went back to our standard.. This is always served on Christmas Eve. Christmas day is an all day snack of meats and cheeses(brought from WI) and whatever else we find appealing. :lips:
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