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This is a great thread Chrose,thanks for starting it.
It's a small world as I read the past posts.

I am also Jewish and My wife is catholic.
I proposed to Jill on xmas 1984. My Mom and Dad,two brothers and a uncle came to my inlaws and watched be on one knee in front of the fire propose.
The first xmas I spent with my wife and her family I thought I was suppose to bring cards for everyone,I put them on all the gifts :)

Anyway I have been gently "trained" in the tradition of xmas,and have had wonderful times.

all the hoopla really happens christmas day for my wifes family,
On christmas eve when I come home from work I always stop by my local fish monger and pick up some shrimp (my daughters love shrimp)and any fish that looks super fresh and I basiclly just empty my fridge of what I can find and make what ever comes to mind.

It's funny sometimes when christmas and hannukah overlap.
Last year hanukah was christmas eve so we were at my folks home lighting the menorah,and when we got home we place the milk and cookies infront of our fire place for santa and some carrots for the raindeers.

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