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Well, I am in Pittsburgh, PA for the weekend and doing some great eating. One of the places we have heard great things about is the Church Brew Works ( Apparently, this old church was in a sad state and was rescued by a micro-brewery. Blasphomy, maybe, but they have done well to preserve its original splendor.
Of course there are the requisite on-site brewed offerings. A rather artisinal selection, really. I had a home-crafted darker pilsner to start. Good stuff. The food is not high end, but whimsically creative without being silly. Some decent center-of-the plate offerings, we opted for the sandwich selections. Kids ravaged a wood-oven baked pizza. Nice, crisp crust and 'mouthy' tomato sauce. We opted to split the Char-Roasted veg sandwich. Good take on the contemporary menu staple. Also devoured BBQ Chicken & Slaw melt on 1" thick grilled rye/soda bread. Cool combo that does well. Everything is accompanied by homemade potato chips or fresh french fries. Other neat stuff on the menu (see the website for more offerings).
Worthy of a visit if you are in town. Tomorrow we hit Primanti Brothers in the Strip District - Pittsburgh's open-air market. (See the review in the 'archived' ChefTalk resturant section).
Go Steelers!
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