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Such a passion I have for tea and coffee!

My suggestion is to find a tiny tea room, one that would typically also sell gifts that relate to tea. There you will find multiple resources. Also some tea rooms have their own blends, it would be interesting to see why and how.

I haven't found as many tea rooms here in Indiana as I found in Oregon. I'm not sure how widespread they are, but if you want to go to the west coast, I can give you names of several. Some obscure coffee/tea resale shops have knowledgeable people, again, I have found several in Oregon but do not remember their names, only their locations.

As for coffee and its place in restaurants- always, always, always include coffee and coffee drinks (including coffee mixed with liquor) on the dessert menu. People feel they aren't being as "bad" often, and they will spend almost as much money depending on how expensive and elaborate the drinks are. Especially as we head into the cooler weather and people will not want ice cream or cold desserts.....

And hey, if you want it to sound ritzier, call it cafe instead of coffee. And Cafe Au Lait instead of coffee and milk. Sometimes the names mean everything.

My two cents,
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