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not sure about books, but i've seen quite a few upscale restaurants offering "press-pot" coffee service as an upgrade to just the normal cup of coffee.

often, you can order a 2 or 4-cup press-pot and can choose from a few different "estate" coffees. the server comes and does the press-pot and then you wait a few minutes before drinking it.

it's kind of a fun, interactive thing. and i've seen places charge up to 10 bucks for a 2-cup pot! good money maker, i'm sure...but it somehow doesn't feel like such a rip-off because you get the little extra ceremony with your brew.

also, why not offer an after-dinner drink list with the dessert menu? include coffees and teas, but also any liqueurs or mixed drinks that go well with whatever cuisine you serve. dessert wines, ports, flights of sherries, digestifs, coffee with grappa or whiskey, amaro....and on and on....
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