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Commercial oven for Macarons. Help needed

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Hi Guys,

i need some help in deciding which oven to buy for a cafe im opening. I have been baking macarons for about 3 years at home using the italian meringue method. Its a convection oven i think . its electric with fans in the back (see how knowledgeable i am)

i need some help in which oven to buy for baking multiple trays of macarons the best way. I also need some help on which oven to buy for baking cakes also. 

I cant afford new ones so will be looking out on ebay and catering equipment companies for refurbished ones. 

Any advice or even links to some ovens would be most helpful. 

Many thanks in advance. 
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hello everyone... greetings ., am new here.please I ve question.. I ve been a chef for past years bow... but recently I got to know about thus observation about my bread being dense or fluffy either one, I don't know what could make it that way or should I reduce my soya-flour nor milk tantaliza Ex?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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