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Hi all,

I am in a process of building out a kitchen in my new house that I will be using for my business (private chef in NYC). Since I do a lot of prep in my kitchen, the new appliances have to be a bit better than the home stuff but of course since it is a house and not a restaurant fully commercial grade is out of question.
Here is a list of what I am putting in:

- 36inch gas range with 6 eyes (no grill, or flattop)
- hood
- Either double or singe electric wall oven
- 2 dishwashers (most likely home quality since it has quicker cycles than the "commercial grade" and is pretty much same thing but cheaper)
- Ice Maker
- Fridge (doesnt have to be too huge since I will have a full size freezer and a second fridge in the basement for my use)

Anyone have recommendation on what brand to go with? (GE monorgram, wolf, thermador...etc?)

PS: I have worked on pretty much all of them at my clients homes and I know they do the job, but I never used them on daily basis consistently.

Would love to hear opinions and thoughts. Thank you in advance :)

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There are a couple of topics here from users of "pro-sumer" ranges and appliances. The consensus is that they are overpriced junk. The only one that seems to be the better of them is Blue Star. Plenty of problems with ovens too especially Viking. For ovens, have you looked at used restaurant equipment? Maybe not as elegant but bulletproof.
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