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Conflict of Interest???

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Be as candid as you want with this, because I'm really looking for some input.

I'm not sure about which way to go with someone I am considering hiring, and I am a little bit gun shy lately. Individual seems qualified and is available for the part time hours I am looking for. Personality seems fine, and all that - not knock your socks off, but acceptable. But, person has another job at a restaurant that has similar menu to mine, although they do not deliver (Yet????). The plan is to work both places. Now, this other restaurant has been open a lot longer than I have, and the owner has just gobs more experience than I do. It's hard for me to imagine that anyone over there could possibly have anything to learn from me - except maybe the delivery end of the business. Even though what I do could be considered "fast-casual" ( a term I am already getting tired of hearing!) and they are more along the lines of a Chili's type place, we are both Southwestern, and our market consists of the same folks. So, they are kind of a competitor, I guess, even though they are sit down & drink and I'm delivery/take-out. I'm not sure how comfortable I feel having someone work for me who also works for a competitor, no matter how many miles ahead of me that competitor may be. Am I just being weird?

Another thing that causes me a little concern, and I'm wondering if anyone else ever runs acsross this, is that I practically had to beg him to completely fill out the application. I actually see this a lot on the level I'm at - what seem to me to be cooks sort of working the local circuit, making a lot of lateral moves. Many of them hand me half filled out applications, like they are so sure they can just get a job anywhere, any time, that it doesn't matter. Maybe I make to much of it, read too much into it, I don't know. Another applicant came by with a meticulously filled out application. Student in the honors program. Responsible work history. Outstanding demeanor. Zero restaurant experience. I'm thinking of hiring that one instead. Thoughts?

I should point out as well that my shareholders are not too crazy about the idea of me hiring someone who works for a competitor. They first brought it to my attention when I mentioned the applicant. I have the final say, but there are concerns.

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dear rita,
go with your "gut" instinct, hire the second applicant. chances are if the person is fairly bright and willing to learn they'll do ok. you can train them to do things your way, and you won't hear "at the other place i work, we do it this way." and you won't have to worry about conflicting work hours.
just my 2 pennies.
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