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Sorbet stabilizers help keep the ice crystals small, which does help with the texture of a sorbet. One of the popular brands of stabilizer, Cremodan 64, contains whey protein so it is not vegan.

Chefross- You mention chemicals, but I am not sure I would consider either agar (from seaweed) or guar gum (from the outer part of the guar bean) to be a chemical.

Some varieties of sorbet don't need stabilizers if the fruit has enough fiber, like mango or banana. However, I think lemon is very hard to do without.

Rocky- to your original question: are you using frozen fruit purees or fresh fruit? If using purees, your vendor can often supply a great chart for reference. I have used both Boiron's and Perfect Purees with great results. You will need to adapt your recipe to the variety of fruit you are using. When using fresh fruit, I will make a sorbet syrup and add it to the fruit, using a refractometer to adjust ratio. If you can't check brix, you may want to start with a base recipe from a reliable source. I have also had good results from the cookbook: Frozen Desserts.
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