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Continental Breakfast

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I need your help.

I manage a independent senior housing community 55+ for which we offer a free continental breakfast 5 days a week. When we opened 3 years ago it was pretty amazing, but the cost got out of control and we are now offering coffee, tea, cold and hot cereals and sweets.

I am not sure if it is possible to do, but I have a budget of $500 per month for food items, coffee / tea is on its own budget. So, $500 for breakfast food. We serve about 30 to 40 people a day, Monday through Friday. Is it possible to provide an EASY to prepare continental breakfast with that budget and head count?

We have a nice kitchen, storage, but want something fast to prepare, but is not just a pile of donuts. I am not a cook, just trying to find something better than pastries.

Thanks you for your help....

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Making the muffins in a cupcake pan may help with your cost as well.

Elders have smaller appetites esp the grannies.

Check the garbage and see if there are partially eaten muffins (or anything else) ....that will tell you tons about what works and what doesn't.

Love @laurenlulu 's tip about the cream cheese mix ins.

Lotta bang for the buck.

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With the price of eggs at an all time high you may want to rethink that route.

Maybe as a special treat once a week once you get your costs in line?

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