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convection/combination ovens for medium-high volume bakery??

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We are primarily a cupcake bakery, our new location opened about 6 weeks ago in downtown Chicago. We have been using 4 UNOX combi ovens but have had nothing but issues. Despite multiple service calls and even replacing two of the four ovens, we are having too many problems with baking and misc gas issues and are looking to replace all 4 units entirely.

The UNOX models are great in that they are programmable (touch screens on each unit) so my overnight bakers pretty much just have to hit the program and it will preheat to the right temp and set a timer etc. Very user friendly. Ideally I would like to find something similar to this, just more reliable for baking. 

I've been looking at Blodgett, Lang, South Bend, Rational...but would love more input from anyone who has used anything similar. We're really trying to get something a little more advanced than the standard convection Blodgetts. I have used rationals but not for cupcake baking and it's a fairly costly investment.

Any and all input appreciated!
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