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Even if there was a base of potential customers willing to try this (and count me among those that wouldn't ever consider it) and it wouldn't be shut down by health authorities  I see a few problems with your model beyond that.

1) users of this service would only see photos of the prep ...not the finished dish?  I do not see that as any sort of strong marketing.  And, if you could see the finished food, well, that means you would be ordering leftovers.  I can't see the draw here.

2) The buyer and seller would have to be perfectly in tune with their time of eating.  Highly unlikely.

3) Lets say I am the cook in a family of 4.  I wish to sell some of our supper (lets say meatloaf, mashed potato, and glazed carrots) via this service.  Since this is based on "what we would be eating anyway", as the seller, how much extra would I be expected to make?  Enough for another family of four?  A couple?  It seems crazy to overproduce household food in hope that somebody out there might want to eat exactly what I am having at the time I am having it.

4)  The timing issue I have mentioned would likely mean that only things like soups/stews pasta sauces, sandwiches, etc.  Things that can simmer or be reheated with little ruining of the food.  Frankly, there are so many more options for this sort of thing already.

5) There would be a burden on the seller to stock disposable food containers (unless you had a branded version as part of this service).  

You might have a kernel of a good idea in here somewhere (maybe a regional collective of small scale caterers that offer a "selection of the day" that can be viewed via an app and ordered with a shared delivery system).  Keep throwing ideas out there.  Just don't throw money out along with it until it makes sense!
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