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@Daniel P ,

Unfortunately everyone is correct. I almost positive that all of our states are somewhat following the guidelines of the FDA. on preparing potentially hazardous food in the home.

In fact most states don't even allow you to prepare food for public consumption for any compensation or giving it away for for free. There are some concepts like yours that are getting established

some towns and cities. They work out of an incubator. It's a very interesting concept especially for ethnic foods. Most states require that the food preparer take a certified class in food safety.

They use social media for information. There are different groups of people who come in say one or two days a week and prepare meals. Most meals have to be packaged, stored properly and have nutritional and weight labels.

The one kitchen that I'm aware of has groups that come in and one day is Indian Cuisine, Mexican, El Salvadorian Honduran, Etc. I was visiting in-laws and they had gotten El Salvadorian food,

It was truly amazing. And it's one of my favorite foods so I'm pretty critical. We had assorted Pupusas w/curito, assorted Tamales /palm leaves, Sopa de Pata, etc.

They told me business was quite slow in the beginning. They took all leftover foods to their local food bank. That was affiliated with a church and the word got around. They seemed to be doing quite

well considering there was not a concentration of any ethnic groups living in this town.

I'm sure there is all the minutia involved as with any food establishment. Insurance was mentioned above. Actually liability insurance for food establishments is not as expensive as some would think.

Your ins. would also cover customers and you on someone Else's property. Most states don't require worker comp if you are an owner.

Just some info.

Personally, I would favor this type business over a food truck. You can take orders ahead of time.
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