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Hallo everyone,

I'm Marco, from Italy, i live in Treviso a small beautiful town 40kms from Venice.

My grandfather in 1929 founded a Private Security Company, my family owned it since last year, when the company run out of busines due to a huge mess made by my Brother...

Our company has been a big part of the life and identity of my family, and I was sure that it would have been my future too, than all fall down unexpectedly... and my wife Elisa suddendly lost our work and our money.

Fortunatly my family has always had another big passion, cooking!

Both my parent's families had this passion, my father's family came from Liguria in Treviso in 1928 and my grandfather and grandmather used to cook traditional recipe from their homeland, and that was for them a way to keep the family united around their traditions; in my mother's family have been at list a couple of chefs working in grand hotels in Cortina and in Switzerland...this culinary tradition involves me too...aswell as my wife.

Now we are thinking about to make something our own in the food business, so I've started working in some professional kitchen to built an experince, meanwile we make birthday parties and dinners for some friends of us.

I'm also very interested in food history, ancient recipes and the culinary traditions of my hometown (a curiosity, the "tiramisù", world famous spoon dessert made of mascarpone beaten eggs savoiardi and coffe, was born in Treviso in the '60s) and one thing i'd love to do is recreating famous menù, such as important mariage of italian and french reinasence or some particular dinners such as the last dinner served on the Titanic or the meals served on the last trip of the Hindenburg.

I'm very happy to have found this beautiful site and I hope i could be helpful for this comunity.

Thanks for listening my story.
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