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Posting this for a friend:

"Hi, I love the port basted roast turkey recipe from the Bon Appetit 1996 issue. This year however I making this at someone else's house and she ordered a 25 pound turkey!

Does anyone know the best way to break down the roasting steps for such an increase in size. I would greatly appreciate any help! The general roasting instructions for a 13- 14 lb turkey are:

1. roast 30 min before putting any basting juices in.

2. Baste with mixture roast1hour 10 minutes.

3. Add other ing. roast 20 min. remove cheesecloth and roast until therm reg 180 degrees. approx 50 minutes.

I am not sure if the best way to do this is to multiply all times by 1.92(the ratio between the two sizes) or just increase the1 hour 10 min roasting time and the final roasting time until done. If anyone has an idea I would love your help.

These are all new people that I am cooking for and my husband has been bragging about this meal for months. I am nervous that with such a large bird I will miscalculate the cooking time or it will come out too dry.

One last question. Often when a fresh turkey is purchased it has still been packed in ice. Should the turkey sit in the sink overnight to be room temp when you put it in the oven or is it better to leave it in the fridge until you wake up and then take it out for room temp?

Thanks in advance!
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