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Hello, I have been on this forum for about a year now and just observing and learning from the insurmountable amount of vast knowledge the people on this forum possess and cannot thank each one of you enough for sharing your insider tricks and tips. I am a Culinary Arts student and am now ready to start adding technology to my kitchen. As a deafblind man, I rely a great deal on my technology to read and search for things using assistive technologies on my Macbook Pro as well as my Android phone (Samsung Mega which has a huge screen). I am now ready to purchase an iPad Pro 12.9" and wish to pack this thing with all of the bells and whistles needed for a great kitchen assistant.

The recommendations I am looking for are in multiple areas. I intend to purchase the iPad and definitely an app that can use the iPad's camera as a document scanner so I can scan in recipes and other class materials. There are two apps I will be purchasing as a bundle for scanning and manipulating PDF documents from the iPad directly as well as sharing it via my Google Docs. See "PDF Reader Pro" and "Scanner Pro" on the App Store (,

iPad Mount/Stand

I will be purchasing a Logitech Create Keyboard/Case (great clam style case) which will stand my iPad up on a flat surface and allow me to type. However, I would like to have my iPad mounted or standing in my kitchen for easy access using something that won't damage easily from the environment. There is an under-cabinet mounted option for home kitchens on Amazon but I am looking for something universal that will allow me to use it in class/lab, a friends kitchen and even a commercial kitchen once I am hired. I envision a suction cup type mounting with a full 360 degree swivel in every direction. Does anyone have first hand experience using such a device?

Chef Sleeves

Since the iPad will be in a war zone of flying food particles, herb/spice infused steam and the greasiest hands outside of an auto-mechanics shop, I need to protect the iPad from these elements. I have seen Chef sleeves that are basically condoms for your iPad but the reviews vary widely and I am at a lost for which path to take. Any brands worth sticking to?


This one is virtually an open ended solicitation of apps you may recommend for Apple iOS devices. Right off the bat, I am interested in using Pepperplate App which is where I keep my recipes (where do you keep yours?). I was also looking at several kitchen timer apps (with multiple timers which I like) but have not decided one one yet. I haven't even looked into apps that might offer measurement conversions (including weight to volume, spice/herb yields, etc.). I am basically asking you to share your Apps and how they help you to put me on the right path.

Are You Really DeafBlind?

For those who are wondering how a deafblind man cooks, attends Culinary courses or can work, it isn't easy. My particular disease is a progressive one so I was not always like this and in fact, spent 24 years as an Information Technology expert (including Institutional Director of IT for a national college) as well as an entrepreneur. I am legally deafblind but I have some usable vision and hearing left (for the time being). I have always loved cooking but was so busy with my IT work, I was unable to. Now that I am retired in my early 40's, I have the time available to pursue this awesome art form and it comes naturally for me. The business side of a commercial kitchen will be relatively easy for me to handle as I aim for a position of Executive Chef someday. Besides, a true Chef only needs his olfactory, taste and touch to do most of the work. I will just plan on using a sous Chef for those times when a visual inspection is required. :)

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this forum post.

With (literally) warm regards from Southern California :)
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