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We bought a bunch of cooper pots and pans years ago in Macy's. This had to be in 1995. Is there a way to find who made them and are they usable. We used them to decorate the kitchen area. Never used for cooking. What did Macy's carry! Could have been late Bamberger's. Thanks Ron


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Those are beautiful pieces and yes you can use them.

I recognize several of your pieces that I have hanging in the pantry at work. 

I use French tin lined copper pans, bowls, colanders, and dutch ovens all the time.

The main thing I enjoy about them is they distribute the heat so well you don't need to use the high setting on the stove. 

The downside is that they must be polished regularly to maintain their shine.

As for identifying them, obviously you looked all over the pieces and didn't find a manufacturer, so I would do a Google search with pictures.

There is a cell phone "App" that will utilize your camera to take a picture of whatever and when entered into the app will bring up all kinds of information.

Perhaps that's a way to start.
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