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I just learned this but it's probably been around a long time. So many cooking channels don't post up a recipe in the notes or on another site, or it's behind a paywall. America's Test Kitchen being a prime offender for the latter. Well, this is how to get the transcript text easily. The transcript seems to only be available in the browser, not the app. And you need to be on your desktop computer or set your mobile browser to desktop mode.

Underneath the video are three dots. They pop open a menu that includes "view transcript".
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Click view transcript. A new section opens up in the browser window with the transcript text. The default seems to show timestamps for the words, but you can turn that off by toggling timestamp.
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Drag your mouse down the transcript to select it for copying and pasting where you want to work with the text.

I'm liking this especially for some Chinese cooking videos where it's not even in english but the captions are.
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