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Had dinner at Coquette in Milwaukee's historic third ward coupla nights ago. I don't normally rave about restaurants, but this one deserves special praise. The restaurant is located in a wonderful building with much of the original interior intact. The dark woods, wrought iron work, and Frank Lloyd Wright "sheaf of wheat" theme combine to create an utterly intoxicating atmosphere.

My wife and I got a charcuterie platter, the Fennel Sausage Pizza, and the Coq au Vin. One could make a meal out of two first courses here. As you step into the restaurant you might think you were transported to New York, but one look at the size of the portions when they appear at your table is enough to jolt you back into reality... yes, we're DEFINITELY in the Midwest! :)

Cost: Around $25 per person
Food: Excellent!
Ambience: Excellent!
Service: Good
Value: Very good
Menu: Contemporary French
Winelist: Fair to Midland

Recommended? Very Highly
Downsides? The butter....


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I've enjoyed many wonderful meals at Coquette Cafe, including a number of lunches. I had a lamb special for dinner once that was the best piece of lamb I've ever eaten. The wine list is also excellent, IMHO. Sandy D'Amato has a real hit in that place. Next time you're coming to town, be sure to book a table at his Sanford; you won't be sorry! I agree, Kuan, the Landmark Building makes for a great location for Coquette Cafe. You can dine al fresco in summer or enjoy the great decor inside. (Just curious: What was bad about the butter?)

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