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Well the way I look at, it since you're the one doing the work, providing the food and the cooking, its basically your product, with the restaurant acting as a middle man, or your distributor if you will.
And the middleman cannot reasonably expect to make the same profit as they would were they producing the product themselves regardless of what it is.
My suggestion is to try to figure out what kind of an increased volume you'll be getting by doing it this way and cut your profit little bit accordingly so that you can pass it on to your distributor , the restaurant.
This way your profit margin will still remain viable, due to the increased volume while still making it worth the restaurants while to use you--sacrificing a bit of profit, for the savings in time a labor to him.
This savings gets passed to you largely, he still makes some and the price to the customer is still
reasonable, if not cheap. And one way to soften that increase a little bit is to offer something that is exclusive that no one else is offering. In which the sky's the limit....use your imagination.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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