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The standard pricing scheme for a business is that the food cost be around 30% of the price, which would cover the cost of the ingredients, the labor to produce the final product, and provide you with a profit.

For instance, looking at the attached food cost worksheet, you'll see that each portion of tapenade cost $0.88 to produce. If I were to have my food cost be 30% of price (30% profit margin), then I would charge $2.93 per portion.

Pricing is relative to the product being sold. For instance, beef would have a very thin profit margin, as it is difficult to charge three times the price of a raw steak, unless one is running a high-end restaurant.
Tried to look at the file you kindly posted and keep getting an error :( I have seen a previous post of yours you mention having an exel sheet for costing. Any change I can get a copy of these? Thanks!
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