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The color is determined by how dark you make the roux, A roux is caramelized flour in a fat. It's usually equal parts butter and flour. Browning the flour is key to flavor--the caramelized flour imparts a nutty flavor. It will take a few minutes for the flour to brown. You want it to turn medium brown

2 tablespoons oil
1/4 cup shallots or sweet onion, diced
2 teaspoons garlic, minced (more or less to taste)
1 lb mushrooms, sliced to desired size (I like big chunks)
3 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons flour
1 cup chicken or vegetable stock (I prefer chicken, and have used beef too)
1/3 cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon fresh herbs (thyme, rosemary, or tarragon -- whatever you like)
Salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

* In large skillet, heat oil on medium high, then sauté shallots/onion until translucent. Add mushrooms, and sauté until tender.
* Transfer mushrooms to a bowl
* Reduce heat to medium.
* Melt the butter, then whisk in flour. Whisk continuously until flour is medium brown.
* While continuing to whisk, add the stock in three additions. Whisking after each addition until mixture is smooth
* Reduce heat to medium low
* Whisk in heavy cream
* With a spoon, stir in mushrooms
* Bring to just a boil
* Stir in herbs. Remove from heat
* Salt and pepper to taste

Note: Flour thickens with heat. Once a flour thickened sauce comes to boil, it will not get any thicker. So wait until the sauce boils before you decide if it needs to be thinned. Thin with stock or combination of stock and cream
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