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creme brulee

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Made my first creme brulee today. I did it with a puff pastry brioche shell with strawberries on the bottom. My problem of course was the actual creme brulee. It's too soft. Did I put too much cream, not do the combining well? Do I need more egg yolks? Any ideas? Also, Is there a way i can keep from burning my shell when i torch them? They kept lighting on fire

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I took it out too early, it was still jiggly in the middle but not on the outside. After the cooking, i put it into the frig uncovered...It got a skin and when i tried to mix it up so that i could pour it in the shell, it was all lumpy. I strained it but it still wasn't great. Next time should i cover it even when its still hot?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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