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Croissant Help, please

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Hope someone will be able to help me with my croissant problem. I am just a common home baker that loves a challenge so have been making croissants through trial and error for over 1.75 Hawaii so had to experiment with temp and humidity of the islands. I think I have control of all of that now and am in the last place where I cannot seem to get that beautiful honeycomb structure that is often pictured. I am after the typical French croissant with a crisp exterior and a soft pillow-ly interior. Finally got the crisp outside, but even reading gobs of problem solver suggestions and watching a lot of u-tube videos I am still stymied by what I can do better. I am achieving a lighter croissant (for awhile mine were heavy), but still not the structure I would like interior. Am using a 50-50 bread : APF mixture in the dough and Danish Creamery butter. I have a marble rolling pin ( have also tried others, but this seems to work well for me); and am rolling on a cold surface. When the dough seems to resist stretching, I return it to the refrig for a short 1-15 minute chill and continue. Also doing a very fine water spritz as I fold and then roll the final shapes. Doing a book fold and then a letter fold. Food Sliced bread Ingredient Staple food Baked goods Food Ingredient Staple food White bread Bun
If anyone can make a constructive suggestion, I would really appreciate your assistance!!
Attached is a photo of my last batch made Easter week-end:
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dry yeast makes it difficult, I wonder if you can get fresh cake yeast on the islands.
I use all high gluten flour, don't develop in the mixer or it will be impossible to roll.
If you have to put it away to relax during folding the dough is over developed.
Okay, thanks this is a start...I might be kneading it too much before I put it in the refrig to rest....maybe I should work straight through without the overnight rest. I thought the overnight fermentation would give me more flavor??

However, early on in my many trials, I tried to find fresh yeast....none available anywhere. Even Whole Foods does not have it. We only have dry active yeast.

I am using King Authur 11.7% protein flours. Isn't this high enough gluten?

Thanks for responding....I am planning on making my 36th batch tomorrow. Have a great week-end. :)
no thats a weak flour, its all purpose, good for gravy. Its weaker than regular bread flour.
KA sell 14% high gluten, just be careful not to develop the dough or you'll need a steam roller to work it.
Just mix into a cogent dough, don't knead until smooth, thats over developing it.

General Mills All Trumps high gluten flour is 14.2%. I used it for decades, good flour.
Currently i have a 50lb bag of lancelot from KA , its 14.2 gluten also.

I would not retard the dough overnite before lamination, those methods apply to breads, not viennoiserie.
Same with sourdough starters, they stunt the regular yeasts we use.
Croissant dough only needs to relax chilled 1 hr, it should not proof before laminating.
Once the butter is rolled in it gets a full chilled proof overnite.
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Food Ingredient Cuisine Wood Dish

How does this look, does it tick all the "approved" boxes ?
I posted this on reddit, over 700 likes. It takes a heart of stone not to laugh.

Its garbage from walmart, soft and soggy, no flake whatsoever, putting it in the toaster oven doesn't bring any flake back because it never had any when fresh from the oven. It suffers from over processing, too many folds.
They were $3 for 6, cheap but sad.
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Okay maybe am trying to get mine to look like that....can you share a photo of what a french croissant should look like? What should be my goal?
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Food Staple food Ingredient Coffee cup Cuisine
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