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Croissant Help, please

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Hope someone will be able to help me with my croissant problem. I am just a common home baker that loves a challenge so have been making croissants through trial and error for over 1.75 Hawaii so had to experiment with temp and humidity of the islands. I think I have control of all of that now and am in the last place where I cannot seem to get that beautiful honeycomb structure that is often pictured. I am after the typical French croissant with a crisp exterior and a soft pillow-ly interior. Finally got the crisp outside, but even reading gobs of problem solver suggestions and watching a lot of u-tube videos I am still stymied by what I can do better. I am achieving a lighter croissant (for awhile mine were heavy), but still not the structure I would like interior. Am using a 50-50 bread : APF mixture in the dough and Danish Creamery butter. I have a marble rolling pin ( have also tried others, but this seems to work well for me); and am rolling on a cold surface. When the dough seems to resist stretching, I return it to the refrig for a short 1-15 minute chill and continue. Also doing a very fine water spritz as I fold and then roll the final shapes. Doing a book fold and then a letter fold. Food Sliced bread Ingredient Staple food Baked goods Food Ingredient Staple food White bread Bun
If anyone can make a constructive suggestion, I would really appreciate your assistance!!
Attached is a photo of my last batch made Easter week-end:
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