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Croissant passion

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Hi all, am a newly minted member and hope someone will be able to help me with my croissant problem. I am just a common home baker that loves a challenge so have been making croissants through trial and error for over 1.75 Hawaii so had to experiment with temp and humidity of the islands. I think I have control of all of that now and am in the last place where I cannot seem to get that beautiful honeycomb structure that is often pictured. I am after the typical French croissant with a crisp exterior and a soft pillow-ly interior. Finally got the crisp outside, but even reading gobs of problem solver suggestions and watching a lot of u-tube videos I am still stymied by what I can do better. I am achieving a lighter croissant (for awhile mine were heavy), but still not the structure I would like interior. Am using a 50-50 bread : APF mixture in the dough and Danish Creamery butter. I have a marble rolling pin ( have also tried others, but this seems to work well for me); and am rolling on a cold surface. When the dough seems to resist stretching, I return it to the refrig for a short 1-15 minute chill and continue. Also doing a very fine water spritz as I fold and then roll the final shapes. Doing a book fold and then a letter fold. Food Sliced bread Ingredient Staple food Baked goods
Food Ingredient Staple food White bread Bun

If anyone can make a constructive suggestion, I would really appreciate your assistance!!
Attached is a photo of my last batch made Easter week-end:
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Welcome to ChefTalk!

I’m not well-experienced in laminated dough pastry except eating them… so can offer no useful advice. There is another recent thread on this topic that may have useful insights. Check it out and ask more questions there!

Based on reading and research alone, though, I’m wondering about that fine water spray technique. I’ve never heard of it. Can you say more about water spraying when laminating dough?
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