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CTS or heat realated pain?

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Hi, i've been tending to a restaurant in a small town in Colombia for the past 6 months. I've been manning the hot line, mainly the grill and flat top. 

Lately i've been experiencing pain throughout my right hand, sometimes severe pain starting at my thumb and running downwards to my wrist.

Could this be related to constant exposure to the heat from the grill? It's usually three hours straight just cranking out orders. 

Or is it the beginning stages of CTS? I know that there is tingling and numbness related with CTS, but i don't feel any of that. Just straight pain down my thumb and just overall discomfort through out my right hand.

Thank you all!
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Does it look or feel like a burn?

Fluid filled blisters?

Burns don't go away after the heat is removed.

The only treatment to relieve the pain is a silver and sulfur combination cream.

I am not a doc but have dealt with nerve related injuries for several decades and can offer this...

Not every problem will have the same symptoms .

We are after all unique unto ourselves.

My CTS was only numbness bad enuf to drop everything I picked up.

After telling the doc how much dough I kneaded he suggested the release and bingo...all better.

I have had 2 surgeries on my lower back (and so many injections I have lost track of the count).

A couple of years ago went to get an itchy blistery rash (lower back) looked at.

Seems it was a painless shingles outbreak.

I guess all of the work on and around those nerves damaged the ones located on the skin.

The ones responsible for transmitting pain.

Shingles pain is supposed to be debilitating so yay for that.

Suggest you get that hand/wrist looked at before you end up with permanent damage.

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